Contract Obligations

Contract Obligation Management

Take control of your contracts, understand where your contracts are and what's in them so you can take action.

Obligation Management is the ability of an organization to manage its obligations while ensuring that milestones and deliverables are being met throughout the life cycle.

More often these obligations have deadlines that stretch months or even years into the future.

Contracts are complex enough; but having to manage multiple contracts each with its own set of obligations, creates a labyrinth of deadlines that must be juggled, continuously.

See how obligations are managed in DocMinder®

Manage Obligations in Three Steps

 Step 1:Launch from Microsoft Word

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    While reviewing a contract in Microsoft Word, you can launch DocMinder®from the Quick Access toolbar, and then create task(s) based on the obligation(s) in the contract.

 Step 2:Assign Responsibility with Tasks

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    Manage contractual obligations through task-based assignments that include detailed instructions and automatically notify the assigned individual(s) to complete and fulfill the obligation(s).

 Step 3:Automated Email Follow-up

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    The assigned individual(s) receive an automated email notification that includes a link to the Progress Page to complete the assigned task(s).

Resources to Manage Multiple Obligations

Enter Multiple Obligations

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    The Obligation Summary Page allows you to enter multiple obligation task(s) in one place.

    Each obligation entered from a contract's Summary Page creates a task and needs to be assigned to the individual(s) responsible to fulfill and/or complete the task assignment.

Obligation Summary Page

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    Obligation task(s) include details such as obligation type, assigned to, status, comments, etc., with automated email notifications that alert the individual(s) assigned when the obligation task(s) are due.

Contract Search Engine

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    The Contract Search form provides quick and easy access to your contract data; you can perform searches based on contract metadata, contract type, contract status, effective date and more.

Contract Search Results

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    Each row in the search results section of the Contract Search form represents a contract. View a specific contract's Summary Page or the associated Workflow by clicking the individual links.

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