Markup and Approval

Document Markup and Approval

A centralized platform where you can stay informed of events, collaborate on documents, manage projects and tasks.

Markup and approval processes can suffer from a series of complications, even if a digital process is used, many still find delays in getting their documents approved in a timely manner.

DocMinder®Markup and Approval allows manager(s), client(s) and decision-maker(s) to automatically route documents to the responsible individual(s) for markup and approval.

Once approved, documents can automatically flow to the next workflow step in the process so others may collectively markup and approve documents with collaboration tools.

See how markup and approval works in DocMinder®

The document markup and approval process

is a business process to formally approve documents from different levels within an organization. The document can be an agreement, an invoice, a project outline, or other type of document that requires approval from different departments.

    Launch DocMinder®from Microsoft Word

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    The process begins with a document in markup that requires approval.

    When reviewing the document in MS-Word you can launch the DocMinder®application, via Add-in, from the Quick Access toolbar available in Microsoft Office.

    Create from an existing template

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    Save time and kickstart the approval process faster with DocMinder®Templates. Instead of creating one from scratch, create from an existing template.

    When you use an existing template, everything is copied over, instructions, notifications, recipients, documents and more. Templates can be configured as basic tasks, checklists, surveys, and workflows.

    Recipients receive their task notification

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    After recipients are assigned to the task(s), they receive automated email notifications based on a pattern and the frequency you choose.

    Email notifications include the task's subject, instructions or details, due date, a link to the Progress Page and can include attached copies or links to supporting documents.

Recipients update tasks from the progress page

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    The Progress Page displays an interface based on the task type and allows the assigned recipients to add comments, upload documents and ultimately, complete the assigned task.

    In the example image; a survey task presents a single-question to the recipient who is required to select a response option to indicate document approval and complete the task.

  • Owner receives notifications on task updates

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    Notifications keep the owner informed whenever a task is updated such as, completed, rejected, documents uploaded, checklist updated or comments posted.

Recipients approve document through a survey task

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    This document approval used a single-question survey, with several assigned recipients and includes multiple response-options to indicate document approval.

  • Owner survey report to view all approvals

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    The survey report tracks response data (e.g., %-- complete, %-- incomplete, etc.) for all assigned recipients. Each Response is tracked in real-time so you know exactly where the document is at in the approval process.

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