Real Time Oversight - Anytime, Anywhere

DocMinder®provides you with automatic management of common business procedures, from task assignment, to drag-and-drop workflows, to team checklists and through-to completion.

DocMinder®cuts through the chaos associated with manual processes, status meetings and tasks getting lost - with real-time visibility. Inconsistencies that don't follow the process can be tracked and solved immediately, before they become a problem.

Contract Management

Contract management can be a very frustrating process for enterprises large and small, as well as non-profits and government entities. Contract request inefficiencies can cause friction between departments, like legal and sales. The negotiation process can also be confusing and prone to errors and miscommunication.

DocMinder®automates contract submittal, markup, and approval processes while automatically notifying the correct individuals of contract obligations throughout the contract lifecycle.

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Project Management

DocMinder®Embedded is a project management solution with an innovative approach that simplifies planning for project managers and facilitates execution for team members.

  • View Details – see what’s happening in every project, including comments, attachments, etc.
  • Notifications – you’ll know right away when a project is assigned to you and when its due.
  • Process Templates – automated procedure templates that can be customize to match your requirements.
  • Team Collaboration – connect people to their work and bring a new purpose and efficiency to project teams.

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Records Management

DocMinder®Records Management provides organizations with a solution to automate the process of managing and tracking expired or out-of-date content that is eligible for disposition.

The Records Management module produces a report based on a responsible attorney’s matters. The report lists all matters for an attorney who has records eligible for disposal.

Learn more about the solutions built on the DocMinder®platform.

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