Workflow Simplified

DocMinder's Workflow goes beyond the traditional 'box and line' diagram software, and offers a visual, no-code, drag-and-drop workspace to create automated business processes, including built-in logic to digitize even the most sophisticated of processes.

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Quickly Build Complex Workflow Processes and Procedures

No matter how complex your business process is, DocMinder makes it easy to convert it into a workflow. DocMinder Workflow is a visual no-code editor – meaning that all you have to do is drag-and-drop workflow steps into place, then arrange them to visually build your workflow.


Gain Visibility with End-to-End Process Management

Significantly enhance visibility into your workflow processes with custom reporting views, calendars, and executive dashboards.

Visually monitor workflow status by color - DocMinder's workflow engine graphically displays the status of each task-step by background color allowing you to see exactly where your workflow is at in the process.


Manage Decisions with Built-in Business Logic

Create workflows with ‘IF THEN’ type-logic through DocMinder's "Decision Tree" to tell your workflow which path to follow by mapping out the different courses of action, and their potential outcomes.


Digitize Your Workflow Processes

Simplify tasks, accelerate processes, and eliminate unnecessary work by transforming manual tasks into refined digital processes.

Bring systems, people, and work into one centralized platform, by connecting legacy systems, SQL databases, document management systems, etc.