Corporate Legal and Law Firms

Replace spreadsheets and manual processes with electronic data that’s searchable, reportable and up-to-date.

Whether you need to track internal or external requests, generate reporting, or maintain a record of correspondence, you need to know who has the item, what happened, where the documents are, and information to complete the project.

DocMinder®consolidates your legal operations with a single unified approach to view and manage day-to-day activities, and all related documents.

Get more done with a system that provides powerful workflows, built-in reporting and project templates that streamline routine legal processes from start to finish.


Explore solutions for Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms.

Knowledge Management

Rating Documents


Scanned Documents

Legal Request


Contract Lifecycle


Contract Management

With Document Assembly

General Project


Keeping Legal Forms


DocuSign/Adobe Sign



Collaboration and Approval

Matter Management


Matter Management

Between Counterparties

Outside Counsel

Legal Project Management



Legal Hold


Records Disposition

Workflow Processing


New Clients, Matters, Vendors



Evidence Collection

Issue Tracking

Conflict of Interest


Invoice Review

Approval Process

Policy and Procedure


File Transfer Approval


Board Meeting

Preparation Management

Automated Workflow with BPM

Whether it’s improving performance or automating workflows, DocMinder®has the power to optimize manual, time consuming activities and transform them into automated business processes.

Reduce administrative costs with DocMinder®by converting manual tasks into automated business processes or workflows that create value for your business.


DocMinder®helps you collaborate with others, and report on what's been done.

The Homepage shows all pending or completed projects assigned to the user who is logged in.

Use your Homepage to organize your day based on what needs to be done today, later or long-term.

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Replace manual steps with powerful automation; easily produce workflows with a visual drag-and-drop editor.

Deliver standardized processes across your organization with structured step-by-step workflows that include the precise order of events.

Create single or multi-tiered workflows with parallel, sequential or split patterns.


DocMinder®keeps all of your work together and helps you make sense of it quickly with reports.

Through reporting, dashboards and calendars; you get an easy connection to your team's data.

Create your own reports and template views; generate reports by individual, group, office, etc.

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Calendars makes it easy for teams to find the information they need to keep moving forward.

DocMinder®Calendar keeps track of what needs to be done and when, and visualize your schedule.

It's simple to see who's doing what and when with options to view your calendar by Day, Week or Month.

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