Contract Requests

Contract Request Management

The efficiency of any management process starts with how easy it is to request a contract.

Many organizations have procedures in place for processing new contract requests, which may require several supporting documents and can be difficult to manage.

The conventional way to manage new contract requests is with spreadsheets; while spreadsheets are useful for organizing and displaying data, they become a bottleneck when managing a complete process.

Ultimately, what's needed is an automated process that can be managed from one common platform.

See how requests are managed in DocMinder®

Processing new requests through webforms

is used when an organization's contract manager(s) do not reside within the functional business units; whereas, a contract request form communicates what is required by the functional business units.

Submitter uses a form to request a contract

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    The contract request form guides the submitter through entering information and indicates which field(s) require data; this ensures all necessary information is provided before the request is submitted.

Assignee receives automated email notifications

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    After a request is submitted, a process is started that automatically notifies the assigned individual(s) via email. Notifications are sent based on a defined notification pattern and continue until completed.

    The assignee can click the review project button to view the task's progress page.

Assignee updates and completes task from progress page

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    The progress page is the assignee's central place to view all task related information, such as instructions to complete the task, documents attached, comments posted by other individual(s) assigned, etc.

Resources to Manage Multiple Requests


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    As you're managing multiple requests, you'll find it helpful to view all assigned tasks across all projects, or the progress of all of projects at a glance from the homepage.

    The homepage provides a consolidated list of all tasks assigned to you with access to view a particular task's progress page, attached documents, and more.


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    Teams and individuals depend on calendars to get organized quickly, work together effortlessly, and stay on the same page—no matter how large or small the project.

    Calendar views help you visually keep track of tasks, deliverables, deadlines and milestones. View the latest up-to-date task information by day, week, month or timeline.


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    A single source to access all task-related data by putting the information at your fingertips with reports.

    Easily gather a record of work, monitor performance and produce insightful reporting for smarter, more informed decisions with real-time data.


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    A quick scan of the dashboard can give managers clarity with “snapshot-views” of operational progress across all of projects at a glance.

    The dashboard provides key-metrics with data-points through pie-chart and bar-graph visualizations that present you with the overall status of your tasks, projects and workflow processes.

What Would You Automate?

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