Contract Life Cycle

Contract Life Cycle Management

A single, central location to streamline the management and oversight of contracts.

Contract processes are often disconnected, and information is stored in multiple locations. Without visibility into your contracts, it’s practically impossible to manage every contract at every stage of the life cycle.

With DocMinder®Contract Life Cycle Management you can automate the complete contracting life cycle by simplifying, automating and streamlining the processes that surround your contracts.

iManage Contract Life Cycle Management

Contract Life Cycle Management

Stage One

Manage all requests to begin the process.


Stage Two

Track with a markup and approval process.

Markup Approval

Stage Three

Manage obligations through the lifecycle.

Manage Obligations

Stage One – Contract Request

Request Form

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When you create a new request you're presented with an electronic webform that requires you to identify information, such as:

  1. Responsible individual(s) and/or counter-party(s)
  2. Upload supporting files and/or documentation
  3. Automatically profile in iManage (or similar document management systems);

When new request is submitted an approval workflow is started.

Stage Two – Markup and Approval

Approval Workflow

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The approval workflow is an automated process that controls the tasks involved in submitting, reviewing, collaborating on and, ultimately, approving new document requests.

The workflow is routed through the process and collects information at each step. Automatic notifications are sent to the assigned individual(s) when their step is active in the process.

Integrate iManage Document Management

Final Approval with e-Signature Integration

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DocMinder®can start the final approval process through integration with DocuSign's e-signature product.

DocuSign will notify the responsible parties via email to collect the required signature(s) and DocMinder®saves the signed document into the appropriate iManage folder (or similar document management system).

Stage Three - Contract Obligations

Enter Obligations

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To successfully manage; your commitments and obligations should be recorded to ensure each party satisfies the obligation(s) they are responsible for.

DocMinder®sends the responsible individual(s) an email notification with a link to the obligations summary page to enter each obligation and create task-based assignments to manage each obligation.

Search for Contracts / Agreements

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The search form provides quick access to all contracts and agreement data. Search based on metadata, type, contract status, effective date and more.

Many commonly used forms can be found here, including forms used by other departments.

Search Results

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Each row in the search results section represents a single contract or agreement; to view the summary page of a contract, click on the summary link. To view the workflow associated with a contract, click the workflow link.

Customizable at Every Stage

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